Timothy E. McMahon

I've worked on the web in various capacities since 1996. After finishing a Master of Science degree at Simmons CollegTim McMahone, I took a position with the American Mathematical Society. Over the past twenty years I've been their Electronic Publishing Specialist, Web Designer, User Interface Analyst, Technical Producer, and Web Design Team Lead.

In 2005, I founded Eleven Limited as a way to meet the web development needs of small companies that didn't have the staff or expertise to develop their own presence.

As of 2015, after having met all of my personal objectives for the company I no longer accept new clients.

Select Publications:

  • Ayer, Elizabeth and McMahon, Timothy E. A People-Driven Web Redesign. ASSOCIATIONS NOW, June 2012, Feature Supplements
  • McMahon, Timothy E. Just What Is an Intelligent Agent? Information Outlook 4, no. 7 (2000): 40-42.
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Northeastern University Boston, MA · 2001
  • Certificate in Webmaster Technology
  • Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design
  • Database Administration
Simmons College Boston, MA · 1998
University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI · 1996

Volunteer work:

Commissioner - Barrington Cemetery Commission

Per the Town Charter, the Commissioners of Cemeteries and Burial Grounds have full control and management of all cemeteries and burial grounds belonging to the Town or in which the Town has any interest. The Commission has the right to sell and dispose of burial lots belonging to the Town and any interest of the Town in any burial lots in the cemeteries and burial grounds for such price, and under such terms, restrictions, rules and regulations, as they shall adopt.

Facebook - Town website

Loaves & Fishes Rhode Island 

"We provide food and clothing, and promote dignity, to our brothers and sisters in need."

Loaves & Fishes Rhode Island is non-profit ecumenical program that is currently supported by 10 churches in Rhode Island. 

The LFRI catering truck is on the road on average 20 days a month currently visiting locations in Providence and Woonsocket. It is the organization's goal to add more volunteers and partner with more churches and organizations, so the truck will be on the road every day of the month. 

Military Service:

  • Rhode Island Army National Guard
    Non-Commissioned Officer - Long Range Reconnisance Scout
    1986 – 1987
    Detachment 1, Long Range Surveillance - 1st Squadron 26th Cavalry.
    These units are specially trained and equipped to collect human intelligence about forces deep in the enemy's rear.
  • United States Army
    Non-Commissioned Officer
    1982 – 1986
    Division Deception Planning Non-Commissioned Officer - Commanding General's Staff - 3rd Infantry Division 84-86
    Cavalry Scout 9th Infantry Division 82-83